How much allowance should you ask your sugar daddy?


There are many reasons why sugar babies may enter this type of dating lifestyle. They may do this because they genuinely are attracted to older men and want to date them. By joining the sugar daddy website they figure it might be the best way for dating rich men. Or, they may just have a financial emergency that they need to take care of and they figure that meeting a man that is older and richer may get them out of a temporary tight spot. Whatever the motivation for a sugar baby that seeks out this type of adult dating, the subject of 'compensation' for the woman's time by her potential sugar daddy will come up. Will it be in the form of gifts? Will it be an allowance or a combination of gifts plus the allowance? A consistent allowance is certainly the most desired type of arrangement. So how does one decide what to ask for, how much is enough, and how much is being too greedy?

In this sugar daddy's opinion, you have to start in an organized way. Take a look at your lifestyle step by step, and what you need (rent, utilities, car payments etc.) and what you want (waxing, facials, spa, gym membership, extra shoes etc). You need to go over your budget in detail and work out the various scenarios in your head, before starting to meet any potential sugar daddies. At first, sugar daddy dating can seem like a negotiation, so you need to get into it prepared.

So divide up your budget in the two categories I mentioned above. Then, decide which category (i.e. the need versus the want) you would like your sugar daddy to fulfill. Let's say you decide that you want the sugar daddy to pay your rent and basic living expenses. That is a fair request and if you mention this to your future sugar daddy they will be happy that the allowance is going to something worthwhile. Therefore, my advice is to ask for an amount that will cover your housing expenses. In this country, the largest single expense item for single as well as married people is housing costs, so if you venture into sugar daddy dating, might as well make it worthwhile. Ask for him to cover all or at least half your housing costs each month. If he does not, well, then, you may also have to keep a second sugar to cover the remainder. One other option is to ask your sugar daddy what amount of monthly allowance he thinks would be fair. You never know, he might offer more than you were going to ask for.

Talking about allowances, especially in person, is usually an unpleasant topic for the sugar babies. Some of you are younger, and perhaps don't feel comfortable discussing money matters and asking men that you barely know for money. One thing to remember is that this type of adult dating is basically a fun type of dating, like any dating should be, with a little twist on the side. That 'twist' (as I like to call it) is the benefits. The men expect to discuss this at some of time before the arrangement starts, so be casual and confident in discussing this with them. They expect you to be.

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