5 Reasons Why Sugar Daddy Websites ARe So Popular


Whether you choose to call them glucose guardians as most urban millenials do, the generally accepted name for older men who take care of someone younger in the form of money or expensive gifts often times in exchange for either companionship or sexual favours is a 'sugar daddy'. Over the years, there has been a massive influx of young people to sugar daddy sites to find rich, older men, all of whom chomp at the bit to get to spoil their sugar babies. With the internet revolution, there are companies solely devoted to meeting the needs of wealthy men and gorgeous women looking for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Here are some of the reasons we think are responsible for the wide demand of these sugar daddy sites

1. Lack of commitments - According to a survey by Match.com, with sugar daddies, there's really nothing called commitment. Every sugar baby knows that full-time relationships are not the ultimate goal when visiting a sugar daddy site. Eventually, they may lead to it but they're not primary and so if you're seeking to enter into a mutually beneficial, transactional alliance that is most likely temporary with ounce of commitment, they're your best bet.

2. Lavish Lifestyle - Another reason why young people are visiting sugar daddy sites is because of the lavish kind of lifestyle they want. Except you're dating someone who's way up the ladder and is your age mate, chances are that your boyfriend or girlfriend will never come close to the allowance or payment your sugar daddy is ready to spend on you. So why stay home when it's summer when your sugar daddy is willing to sponsor you on vacations around the world.

3. High cost of education - The rising cost of education, coupled with hefty rents and repayment of student loans have driven young students to sugar daddy sites to find quick ways to pay off their debts. According to a study in Australia, there are 82,760 sugar babies in the county easing the burden of student debt with an average monthly allowance of $3000. No wonder there is a new term cropping up where they are referred to as sponsors'.

4. Jobs and Career Connections - For some sugar babies, they are interested in using their sugar daddies to link them to more established people in their industries who are willing to render a helping hand in times of need. These sugar daddies help them set their foot in the corporate world, taking them for mixers and introducing them to their CEO friends and executives. At the end of the day, neither the sugar baby nor the sugar daddy is disappointed.

5.Increase in social status - Sugar babies are known to accompany their partners on exotic trips as well as shopping sprees. At times, they may also accompany their sugar daddy to social gatherings and in the long run, this may lead to an increase in the social status for the sugar baby. So these sugar babies have a desire to have those things that the world sees as successful – clothing, car, house which in return gives them social status.

Knowing these reasons why people flock these sites now, will you sign up for an account?

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